AS HUGE numbers of people in Wales adapt to a new working routine, many may be putting themselves at unnecessary risk due to unsafe electrical set-ups, a charity has warned.

Research conducted by consumer safety charity Electrical Safety First has looked into the dangers a nation of newly-remote workers may be unknowingly exposing themselves to.

The charity has found more than two thirds of those in Wales currently working from home are using extension leads with the electronic device they’re working on, and almost half of them have more appliances plugged into one than they usually would.

The survey also found that more than half of those in Wales currently working from home admit to ‘daisy-chaining’ them together, which involves plugging one extension into another to reach further or plug more appliances in - and is advised against in all circumstances due to chances of a fire hazard.

Fifty-two per cent of those surveyed in Wales either often or sometimes used electrical items such as a laptop or phone on their bed whilst it is charging. This can also create a fire risk due to the potential of the item overheating.


Robert Jervis-Gibbons, public affairs manager at Electrical Safety First, said: “Take a few minutes to make sure you’re not daisy-chaining extension leads or overloading your plug sockets, and that you are charging your devices on hard, non-flammable surfaces."

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service head of community safety and risk reduction group manager, Dean Loader, said: "Fortunately, by taking some easy steps, you can seriously reduce the risk to you and your loved ones. Remember to check electrical appliances, don’t overload sockets and never use faulty items.

"Extension leads can only handle so much power – plug too many things in and the chances are they will blow. Faulty goods can also be a big issue, too.

"During what are very challenging times for us all we’d ask that, as well as taking on board this advice yourself, you pass the messages on to your friends, neighbours and relatives. Be assured our firefighters stand ready to respond to 999 calls, across south Wales, as and when needed."

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