HOMELESS people on the streets of Newport have been provided with temporary accommodation thanks to a city group and a generous donation.

Helping Caring Team, better known as HCT Newport, used money from an anonymous donor to put up more than 25 people living on the streets in local hotels - providing them with a shelter during the lockdown period.

Hayley Thomas, who leads the group, said: “We were given £10,000 by an anonymous donor and so we used the money to take those people less fortunate away from the streets and into a hotel.”

The group - who would visit the homeless four times a week to provide meals - had ramped up their response during this time, visiting daily to provide meals, but have now handed this over to the council and the statutory services.


They do however, remain a point of contact for those they have helped.

South Wales Argus:

Some of the HCT Newport team in their pink jackets - making them easily recognisable for those who need their help

“They trust us. When they see our pink jackets, they know we’re there to help. Now we have them off the streets temporarily, our biggest concern is their mental health as they are now inside all day, everyday and it is a big change.

“Some have mental health issues and some, who may not have touched drugs for a year, will be contemplating returning to using to try and cope.

“Luckily, they’ve been ringing me, and I’ve been able to help them through it. Unlike most of us, they don’t have family or friends to help them, so we are their family.”

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/Helpingcaringteam/