GWENT Police issued 80 fines to people flouting lockdown rules over the Easter weekend.

“It is a sad fact that a minority, despite our engagement over the past three weeks, of people still chose to go against the guidelines,” said Chief Constable Pam Kelly.

“Enforcement is not something that we want to do, but it becomes a necessity if people continue to show contempt for what is being asked of them during this health crisis.”

Although the “vast majority” of people followed the lockdown guidelines, Cons. Kelly said, “disregard for the government’s advice has to stop”.

The force’s current approach is for officers to engage with the public and explain the situation, rather than instantly issuing a fine.

However, over the Easter weekend, a minority of the public refused to comply and did not return home after receiving an initial warning, resulting in a fine.

South Wales Argus:

(Police were checking motorists as they patrolled areas over the Easter weekend - there is no suggestion the driver was flouting lockdown rules. Picture: Gwent Police.)

The initial fine is £60, but this is halved if paid within a fortnight. 

However, this can rise to £120 for those who repeatedly breach lockdown rules.


Officers also helped to deliver Easter eggs to children and their families across the force area after receiving donations from supermarkets.

And Cons. Kelly added: “It was great to see the spirit within communities remains high despite this testing period.

“I would like to unconditionally thank those who are making a real difference by staying safe at home and saving lives. The community support for my officers is greatly appreciated.”

She added that it is “important to thank and recognise” the emergency services, local authorities and other key workers.

“So many people have gone the extra mile for their communities. I want to thank them for their commitment to keeping people safe and being there to reassure the public.

“I want to remind you, as a member of the public, of your role as part of the frontline in our defence against coronavirus. Your help will keep our communities safe and also protect the vulnerable."


“The NHS is the last line of defence against COVID-19 – and we must do all we can to safeguard our wonderful health service and workers.”