FIRST minister Mark Drakeford has revealed the outlines of a strategy to be put in place to bring Wales out of lockdown.

Speaking via video chat earlier today, Mr Drakeford said that the Welsh Government would be adopting what he referred to as the 'traffic light system'.

He said that it may come into effect at the end of the three additional weeks of lockdown recently outlined, although he said that this would remain dependant on scientific advice.


"Our approach is the ‘traffic light system’," he said. "The ‘red’ zone may come at the end of these three weeks.

"It is like lockdown, but with more things people can resume.

"Then will come amber and green, should a second wave be avoided."

Mr Drakeford stressed that a vaccine was still some months away and that some restrictions would likely be with us "for a long time" as a result.

But he said lockdown measures currently in place are working, and that Wales had "begun to see the impact of this".

"It does seem that that the community spread has been suppressed," he said.

"Coronavirus is not being spread in the way it was.

"The number of deaths, which will sadly go on, is the last place we will see this decline."

However, despite the apparent decline in the spread of the virus, Mr Drakeford was keen to point out that any relaxation of lockdown measures at this time would be detrimental to the overall aim.

"All the scientific advice says beginning to lift the lockdown – and we intend to be careful and cautious – will make the risk of reinfection real," he said.

"We want to put proper surveillance and tracking measures in place so that flare-ups don’t link up to create a new wave.

"Can we rule out a second wave? No we can’t."

Mr Drakeford praised the efforts of those making the most of lockdown to fundraise for frontline healthcare workers.

"I want to acknowledge the contribution so many are making," he said.

"They are doing it spontaneously to show their appreciation."

He did, however, say that while such selfless spirit was to be lauded, he "would always want to see a fully funded NHS, rather than one stripped back by a decade of austerity".

Mr Drakeford was also asked to comment on a video, which had been circulating social media, featuring health minister Vaughan Gething.

Mr Gething apparently forgets to mute his microphone before criticising a fellow minister in an expletive outburst.

Mr Drakeford said: "Vaughan apologised immediately and his apology was accepted.

"There was no question of him not continuing. That would be entirely the wrong move."