TWO limited-edition beers created by a Newport brewery have helped to raise around £30,000 to support frontline NHS staff in just four hours.

Tiny Rebel’s two new brews were only unveiled this morning, but such was the demand, they have now almost completely sold out. Every penny spent will be donated to the NHS.

“It’s all pretty much sold out,” said Bradley Cummings, co-owner of Tiny Rebel.

“We’ve raised around £30,000 in four hours. It’s mental.

“We weren’t expecting it to go so well. It’s gone bonkers.”

South Wales Argus:

The beers are named ‘Stay Put’, which is a play on the brewery’s popular Stay Puft marshmallow porter and a reference to the government’s social distancing advice.

“When Covid-19 hit the UK we were worried about the future of Tiny Rebel,” said the brewery in a statement released on social media to launch the beer.

“Thanks to all your amazing support and online orders we are now feeling safe and ready to pay the kindness forward.

“Alongside donating Tiny Rebel Hand Sanitiser and face masks to the most vulnerable in our community we wanted to help those on the front line.

“So many independent UK businesses have already shown their fighting spirit by making PPE or turning distilleries into hand sanitizer plants.

“After a quick chat on the patio we thought we’ll do what we do best. Making beers you love.”


Project ‘Stay Put’ is, as Tiny Rebel put it, a simple one: Make beer, sell beer, support the NHS.

“We have created two limited-edition Stay ‘Puts’, and we are going to donate every penny from their sale directly to the NHS,” said the brewery.

The limited-edition brews are:

Stay Put - Mint Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Porter - 5.2 per cent ABV

Stay Put - Raspberry Ripple Marshmallow Porter - 5.2 per cent ABV

To order one, or both, of the beers, head to, but you will have to be quick.

The project was supported by a number of other firms, including Evol (Wales) Ltd, Oasthouse Engineering, Crown Packaging, Berkshire Labels and Hastings Freight.