A WHOLE street in Newport used sign language to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone at the request of a woman with Down’s syndrome.

Residents on Elgar Avenue, Alway, signed their way through the song – which has been played across the world as a show of solidarity – following last night’s clap for carers.

Leah Bailey, who has Down’s syndrome, asked her neighbours if they could play her “favourite song” following the clap.

Leah’s mum Edwina said: “‘Every week we play a song, but she wasn’t impressed by Bob Marley a few weeks ago.”

Twenty-year-old Leah, who “absolutely adores music”, then asked her neighbour Gemma Wallis – who organises which songs are played - if the street could sign their way through it. 

Mrs Wallis then started a street Facebook group, with both Leah and Edwina teaching residents how to sign the song using Makaton sign language – a simplified sign language used to assist those with learning difficulties.

Watch the touching moment a whole street comes together for a woman with Down's syndrome


“We all started joining in and we were constantly practicing,” Mrs Wallis said.

“It was just amazing to see so many people actually make the effort.”

Mrs Wallis, alongside husband Gavin Lee and daughter Leona Lee, also posted an instructional video.

South Wales Argus:

(Gemma Wallis, left, with Leona Lee and Gavin Lee before YNWA is played.)

South Wales Argus:

(Leah Bailey said she was "emotional" after last night.)

South Wales Argus:

(Edwina Bailey with daugher Leah ahead of the clap for carers.)

Ms Bailey added: “‘I would try and beak it down a little bit for them, too.

“Leah would sign a bit for them from the front of our garden. She was so proud of herself and I am so proud of her.

“There’s a new row of housing on our street, so we went around and knocked on doors, explaining what was happening and making friends. Everybody was involved.

“It really turned into something quite special.

“After it was finished, I was crying. Both Leah and I were so emotional.

“It was lovely, the neighbours worked so hard.”