WITH millions of users on Facebook and Instagram daily, social media advertising has the infrastructure to heighten awareness and drive leads for businesses large and small. That’s welcome news for the 42 per cent of business owners who worry about generating enough income to stay afloat.

But what is social media advertising? Take Facebook - advertising ranges from a general post that has been sponsored or ‘boosted’ so it’s exposed to a wider audience, to adverts featured on the side of a news feed and profile page (usually encompassing an image, link and short description).

The way adverts are displayed vary slightly depending on which social media channel you’re using, so it’s important to understand the different requirements of each (e.g. image sizes, video quality etc.).

Our experts know the type of adverts that generate great results and so your budget is optimised for the spaces that receive better click-through rates.

Choose from a number of different social media advertising options including Engage, Bespoke and Ultimate, each individually designed to suit a variety of business aims and budgets.

With each solution utilising the Facebook and/or Instagram pages for one or more of our local news titles, your advert will have access to our dedicated readerships in your local area, maximising your business awareness to the audiences that matter most.

If you aren’t quite sure how to get started with social media advertising, or want to learn more, contact LOCALiQ today and one of our experts will be on hand to answer any queries you have.

Social media advertising should be a serious consideration for all businesses however big or small. Due to the number of social media users, practically every demographic is covered. This makes it easier for businesses to advertise to their chosen audiences. Not only that, social media platforms have a multitude of trusted targeting options, so your advert is only placed in front of the audiences you want, resulting in better quality leads. Finally, it’s a great way to showcase your business no matter your budget.

At LOCALiQ, we make sure your business cuts through the noise with adverts created to the best possible standard and to deliver the best possible results. We do this by having our experts work closely with your business, gaining knowledge about how you operate and who your customers are, feeding these insights into tailored ideas for you.

Helping our clients reach the audiences that matter most to their business

Our team of marketing experts are on-hand to help clients achieve their business goals through delivering quality services. With experience working with multiple businesses in multiple industries, they understand how Social Media Advertising can generate better quality leads and establish a stronger customer base.

We sat down with our Managing Director for Wales, Hereford & Somerset, to understand more about the Social Media Advertising services offered by LOCALiQ.

South Wales Argus:

What exactly is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising allows businesses to promote their services over the most popular social media platforms, which include Facebook and Instagram. They’re generally designed as a typical post, however they can be ‘boosted’ in order to gain greater exposure from audiences that matter most to your business.

What are the key benefits of Social Media Advertising?

There are a number of benefits from advertising a business through popular social media channels. Firstly, social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram have millions of users daily, and that’s users from all age ranges, genders and backgrounds, which makes it so much easier finding the right audiences for a business. Secondly, advertising on social media using the ‘boosted post’ method is a much more subtle way of getting in front of audiences as it’s not an obvious advertisement, and it generates much better results than the more obvious advertising methods on social media that appear on the right hand side of any profile page or news feed.

Can businesses trust Social Media Advertising?

Yes. Social media platforms have made a lot of advancements in the areas of businesses using their advertising capabilities. This includes updated algorithms and cookie policies, meaning that businesses can be assured their adverts are safely targeting audiences.

What are the pro’s of using a marketing partner to deliver Social Media Advertising activities?

Going through a marketing partner for Social Media Advertising, as well as other marketing services, can greatly impact marketing results. Our marketing experts have years upon years of experience working with a variety of businesses in a variety of industries. This experience means our teams know how to create effective content that appeals to a number of different audiences to generate excellent results. Not only does this save businesses time, it also optimises budgets as money is focussed on the areas that deliver better click-through rates.

Are there a variety of Social Media Advertising options available?

Yes there are, we have Engage, Bespoke and Ultimate options available, as well as add-ons, so we have services that match a variety of business sizes and budgets. With the most basic offering allowing businesses to promote their products/services to one or more of our 200+ local publication channels, you can be assured whichever option a business chooses, they will generate fantastic click-through results.

If you want to learn more about how Social Media Advertising can help boost awareness and drive leads, visit localiq.co.uk/social-media/ social-ads.

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