NEWPORT rap troupe Goldie Lookin Chain have put together a video inspired by the coronavirus protesters.

The group have revealed their new single Covidiot – which samples the hit Green Day classic American Idiot.

The song keeps in line with their satirical outlook on life – seeming to have a crack at the conspiracy theorists and their theories of the virus being a hoax and the Earth being flat.


They accompany the song with a video showing protests against the coronavirus lockdowns, freedom and 5G that took place across the world in recent times but focusing on the USA where the protests were taken more seriously.

Speaking on the track – the idea for which originated from band member Graham the Bear wanting to do a rap about TikTok – the band said: “We just started singing it. It is massively inspired by Weird Al’s Canadian Idiot. We haven’t got a lot on at the minute and seem to have some extra time on our hands so it’s nice to keep creative.”

The band have been keeping creative and this follows on from March's Self Isolation Rap - which was a hit among fans.

Warning: This video contains bad language