NHS WALES bosses and health board staff have warned the public not to be worried about going to hospital for non-coronavirus related issues.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board staff have urged the public that its emergency departments are open if they need to use them.

It comes after NHS Wales boss Dr Andrew Goodall said he is concerned people are avoiding visiting their GP or going to hospital for non-coronavirus-related reasons, out of fears of contracting the infection.


Gwent's emergency departments have seen a dramatic decrease in admissions since the start of lockdown.

Dr Tim Rogerson, clinical director and consultant emergency medicine at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, said: “Some people have waited too long to attend which has caused more harm than good with regards to their health.

“Should they need us we are still here for them. Safety is our number one priority should you need to visit an emergency department.

“We are taking all measures to clean public spaces keeping you safe while in our care.”

The health board have urged people to go to A&E or call 999 in particular when they are having severe breathing difficulties, are in severe pain or bleeding, or have chest pain or a suspected stroke.

Dr Goodall said: “Our message is clear – if it is urgent, don’t wait, don’t leave it too late.

“Our NHS services are available for the people of Wales – serious illnesses have not gone away because of coronavirus. We are urging people to call 999 or attend their local emergency departments if they are seriously worried about themselves, a child’s or family member’s condition.

“Providing emergency and urgent care for people who have non-coronavirus health issues continues to be a priority for us all. Our hospitals have stringent hygiene measures in place and well-rehearsed protocols to keep those with coronavirus or with symptoms separate from others.”