TORFAEN MS Lynne Neagle has raised concerns that children and disadvantaged adults could be adversely affected by the current easing of lockdown measures.

Ms Neagle questioned why golf courses and garden centres had been opened, while restrictions remained in place for many children’s activities.

“We know that social isolation is having a massive impact on people’s mental health, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, who can’t access things like Skype,” she said.


“What children’s rights impact assessments have been undertaken on these decisions that you are taking, and also what wider equality impact assessments are being taken?”

In reply, first minister Mark Drakeford said: “Just this week we set out information about how we are directly gathering the views of children in Wales about what it has been like to be a child during the coronavirus crisis, the impact that it has on them, and what we as a Welsh Government and as a wider Welsh society can do to assist them as we begin to come out of the crisis itself.”