ALLOWING people to see family and friends is “the most active” of the Welsh Government’s decisions as they approach the lockdown review next week.

At the daily Welsh Government press conference, First Minister Mark Drakeford said they are “focussing very much on the issue”.

It comes as Scotland’s roadmap out of lockdown said that from May 28, “two households” will be able to meet in a public space.

And in England, public gatherings of different households are permitted – so long as it is limited to just two people and in an outdoor open space.

But Mr Drakeford said restrictions would only be eased when “we are sure that we are not putting people into situation which would lead to harm for them and their families”.

"It is safety that is the lens we look at it through. The public health safety of the population.

"People who are very keen to see friends and family again are equally keen that those friends and family stay safe.

"We will not put anything in to place t in Wales undermines that message."


However, he said he understood the frustrations felt by many.

"I hear from people in Wales that eight weeks into the lockdown, the thing they are now missing the most is that human contact with family and friends.

“All the opinion work that we do tells us that people in Wales are on the side of the approach we are taking in being careful and cautious and not rushing our way back into the thing that could run the risk of coronavirus rising again.

"We are focussing very much on this issue, looking to see whether there are models that would allow people to do more of that, provided it is done in the safest of conditions.

"We are not there yet, in being sure as to how best this would be delivered.

“But it is the most active of our decisions.

"I am hopeful that we will have something to say on that next week.”