A PETITION calling on Caerphilly council to build a replacement footbridge over the A467 between Pantside and Newbridge has received more than 500 signatures in one day.

The existing footbridge was closed in July last year after it was damaged by a lorry-mounted crane.

A temporary pedestrian crossing was put in place on August 1 to allow pedestrians to cross, and has remained in place since.

However the council has said they plan to install a permanent puffin crossing.


The petition, which was started by Poppy Ysabella of Newbridge, now has 560 signatures.

On the petition page Ms Ysabella said she is concerned that the council’s plans to install a puffin crossing will prevent a new footbridge being built.

She said: “There have been numerous deaths recorded on that section of road proving it extremely unsafe.

“We as residents feel a replacement footbridge is the only safe, tried and tested way for pedestrians to get to work, school and all local amenities.

“This includes the safe crossing for those with disabilities.”

Newbridge councillor Leeroy Jeremiah said: “Newbridge ward councillors prioritise children’s safety first and foremost.

“We have been actively trying to find a way forward by putting the views of residents to the local authority.

“We have been updating our social media page with updates and continue to work to find a solution. There’s no quick fix here, so this fully compliant, fit for purpose crossing is the best option.”

A spokesman for the council said “The suggestion that the footbridge will not be replaced is incorrect, as the council has not stated this.

“The permanent crossing is being installed to assist with the crossing of the A467 and will be a significant improvement on the current temporary crossing.

“The new signal-controlled crossing will include a refuge island with two independent crossing facilities and will comply with accessibility guidelines for vulnerable users.

“The council is still in detailed discussion with the insurers of the vehicle that damaged the footbridge; we have every intention of obtaining an appropriate settlement that will result in the footbridge being replaced.”

Speaking to the Argus, Ms Ysabella said: “Residents feel they haven’t been disclosed enough information regarding the council’s claim process.

“They also feel the cost of a puffin crossing will financially hinder the installation of a replacement footbridge.

“As for meeting the safety criteria many people think it’s still unsafe due to the volume and speed of traffic in that particular area.

“A footbridge was originally installed as it was deemed the safest and most appropriate route for pedestrians, and motorists alike following numerous deaths on that section of road.”

View the petition here.