FIRST minister Mark Drakeford today announced an easing in lockdown measures in Wales.

Unlike in Scotland, where the changes are immediate, these changes will come in to place in Wales on Monday.

But what are the changes that will come in to force next week, and how are they different from the rest of the UK?


— What are the changes in Wales?

The biggest change to the lockdown in Wales is that an unlimited number of people from two households will be able to meet outside, so long as they are socially distancing - two metres apart - are following handwashing guidance, are are staying local - within five miles of their home.

This five-mile guidance is advice, not legislation, and Mr Drakeford said extra leeway would be given to people in rural areas - although he said people should use their own judgement "carefully and sensibly."

People will now be able to go and spend unlimited time at park or beaches, as long as they are following the restrictions above.

As well as meeting in public outdoor spaces, the changes allow meeting in private spaces - such as gardens.

Beauty and tourist spots will remain closed, and the first minister is still maintaining that people from England should not visit Wales yet.

Other changes to the regulations include allowing weddings and civil partnerships to take place if the bride or groom is terminally ill.

— How is this different from elsewhere in the UK?

The main difference in England, compared to the rest of the UK, is that there is no limit to the distance you are allowed to travel. 

Mark Drakeford confirmed at his press conference this means people in Wales within five miles of the border are allowed to travel into England, and are then allowed to travel as far as they like, as they would then be subject to the English regulations.

From Monday, groups of up to six people can meet in England, meaning up to six different households can meet - as long as they are following social distancing guidelines.

Dentists in England have been told they can reopen from Monday, June 8 as long as safety measures are in place.

In Scotland, the new regulations come in to force today.

The new rules allow groups of up to eight people from two households to meet outside, as long as they keep at least two metres apart.
You can meet in people's gardens in Scotland, but cannot go into someone else's house.

Sunbathing in parks and open areas is now allowed, and people can travel locally for sport or activities - including golf, tennis and fishing.

In Northern Ireland, groups of four to six people can meet outdoors as long as they are socially distancing. 

Decisions will be made next week on whether small outdoor weddings with 10 or less people will be allowed from June 8, and large retailers, including car showrooms, could also reopen on that date.