A NEWPORT woman who was bullied for years for her appearance says lockdown has changed her life after she lost more than two stone in 11 weeks.

Lizzie Capper, 22, from Somerton, who suffers with mental health issues as a result of the abuse she received as a teenager, said she feels better than she ever has before, and hopes sharing her story will help motivate others.

"As a child I was a carer for my mother from the age of seven, so life was tough and I always put others before me," she said. "For that reason sometimes I possibly didn't look as great as others, and I put on weight too. I used to get bullied really badly and it did have a big impact on me."

South Wales Argus:

Lizzie Capper pictured before the lockdown

South Wales Argus:

Lizzie Capper now

Two weeks before lockdown started in March, Ms Capper was persuaded to go to Slimming World for the first time.


"I decided I'd go and see what it was all about," she said. "I got the learning packs and was ready to get going and then lockdown hit. It was a real setback because the support classes were going well and I felt a little hopeless.

"Thankfully we've had Zoom calls that have been brilliant and have involved lots of people from around south Wales. The classes have been really supportive."

As well as the Zoom calls, Ms Capper has spent lockdown cycling, walking and changing her diet.

"I've gone from 14 stone 12lbs to 12 and a half stone," she added. "Lockdown has given me the motivation to make progress with it. It's actually changed my life."

Such is her disbelief at her accomplishment that Ms Capper has decided to rethink her target. Initially 11 stone 12lbs, she is now aiming for the 10 stone mark.