A NEWPORT man has raised £750 for the NHS by selling calendars – and used the money to buy iPad covers for hospital staff.

Larry Wilkie – a member of our South Wales Argus Camera Club – came up with the idea to sell the calendars to raise money for the NHS after his photos were praised online and people expressed interest in buying them.

He decided to create two calendars – one for the Undy, Magor and Newport Wetlands areas and another of Caldicot and Black Rock. The calendars are still on sale as the dates on the calendar run from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

South Wales Argus:

The two calendars for sale

Mr Wilkie said: “I got in touch with the Aneurin Bevan Health Board to let them know about the money I raised from the calendars and to ask what they would like to do with it. They asked if I would be able to use it to purchase 54 iPad covers for the IT department to protect the kit and to help with stopping the spread of any virus.

“I am thrilled with this as it is something long lasting and also useful for them.”


He has purchased and now delivered the products to the IT department – where they were gladly received by the department’s mobile services assistant Sophie Rogers.

Mr Wilkie said: “I would like to thank my wife Dot who has been a great help with delivering calendars, Sherry Searle in Undy and Stuart Martin in Caldicot who have both been extremely helpful in distributing flyers which have helped with the sales.”

"I would also like to thank everybody who has supported by buying the calendars and for the lovely feedback from those that have bought them."

Mr Wilkie has currently sold 250 of the calendars and is continuing to sell them until the end of June – with any proceeds going towards essentials for the staff including hand cream, water and boiled sweets.

You can purchase a calendar for £7, which covers the £5 cost of the calendar and £2 towards the NHS, by emailing larrywilkie@talktalk.net.