FORESTRY at a popular Gwent beauty spot was "deliberately" set on fire, endangering the "lives of many", police have said.

Yesterday, May 31, a person deliberately "attempted" to set fire to the forestry at the Blue Lagoon, Blaencuffin Canyons.

Although the Welsh Government has said people are still not allowed to visit beauty spots, many descended on the picturesque lagoon and surrounding area over the weekend.

And as people "were leaving", someone deliberately set fire to the forestry.

A spokesman for the Gwent Police said: "Very disappointing yesterday that as people were leaving the “Blue Lagoon” someone deliberately attempted to set the forestry on fire potentially endangering the lives of many.

"Arson will not be tolerated."

South Wales Argus:

(The fire was started as people were leaving, police said. Picture: Gwent Police.)

South Wales Fire and Rescue were able to contain and put out the fire.


A spokesman for the force added: "If you are caught you will prosecuted. Thank you South Wales Fire and Rescue for the quick response in putting it out."

It comes as piles of litter were left discarded at the beauty spot over the weekend.

Beer bottles and rubbish were strewn across the rocks on the edge of the lagoon.