A SPECIAL lunar spectacle was on show for those lucky enough to get a break in the clouds last night as a strawberry moon appeared in the sky.

Members of the South Wales Argus Camera Club were out in force to grab a snap of the full moon.

The Argus' Night Sky columnist Jon Powell, from Ebbw Vale, explained the difference between tonight's eclipse and a full lunar eclipse or partial eclipse.


"June's full moon is referred to as a strawberry moon, as the berries mature and ripen ready for picking at this time of year," he said.

"A penumbral eclipse of the Moon is when the more diffused outer shadow of Earth, the penumbra, falls on the moon’s face.

"This third kind of lunar eclipse is much more subtle, and much more difficult to observe."

Robin Birt bagged this shot up in Blaenavon.

South Wales Argus:

Michael New captured the strawberry moon shining through the clouds over the Gaer in Newport.

South Wales Argus:

Linda Smith had similar issues with the cloud cover, sending in this picture from Somerton in Newport.

South Wales Argus:

Mark Whitcutt sent in this picture of the moon.

South Wales Argus:

Natalie Annette Rowles was quick with the camera to get this shot as the clouds broke.

South Wales Argus: