A FRUSTRATED family of four say they have spent the whole of the coronavirus lockdown living in two bedrooms after asbestos was found in their home.

Simone Jones, from Northville in Cwmbran, says she has had “endless problems” at the Bron Afon property in Orchard Lane where she lives with husband Andrew and their sons Kai and Jak, eight and four.

Mrs Jones, aged 29 - who is partially disabled due to a condition which means she has difficulty walking long distances and has to spend a lot of time at home - said she feels “depressed” as a result of having to stay there during lockdown.

“The housing association said they’d get it done when they visited in early March,” she said. "They took samples and confirmed it was asbestos, but I’m now in June and we’ve spent months upstairs.

“We’re prisoners in our own home. I am scared for my children’s health and it’s not fair.”

The family have also had to contend with leaks in their bathroom.


Mark Williams, head of investments, assets and compliance at Bron Afon, said: “When our surveyor visited this morning he double checked the lounge and had a conversation about the asbestos, which in Mrs Jones’ house is in the floor tiles. The tiles are in a good condition so are not a safety risk.

“We wouldn’t have left Mrs Jones in an unsafe home. We have procedures and safety measures in place to deal with asbestos."

South Wales Argus:

(Mr and Mrs Jones' lounge at present)

Mrs Jones added: “Lockdown has been terrible. I’m depressed all the time and just can’t stand being in this property.

“I’ve had my ceiling repaired four times in eight years due to leaks in the kitchen, and just before lockdown they had to come and gut the bathroom completely, which still isn’t finished.”

Mr Williams confirmed that work had been carried out for a leak in Mrs Jones’ bathroom.

“One of our surveyors visited Mrs Jones this morning to inspect the leak to the toilet, which we will be sorting out this week,” he said.

“We have also booked to redecorate the kitchen following a previous roof leak. As this is decoration we are classing it as non-essential work which means it will be done when the Covid-19 risk is lower to keep everyone safe.

“Lockdown is a hard time for everyone and I understand Mrs Jones’ frustrations. Hopefully getting these jobs done and booked in and the reassurance about the asbestos will help take away that additional worry.”