TWO brothers from Blaenau Gwent have taken it upon themselves to clean up their community to raise money for the RSPCA.

Ceitho Wilson, 5, and Tayan Wilson, 2, from Tredegar, started just three days ago and have already raised nearly £150 from donations from people in the area and have filled seven bags full already.

“In an attempt to teach my children what it means to give to others less fortunate and also to respect the environment, I decided to encourage them to do something for charity, said mum Sorrel.

“They have been litter picking in our local area to raise money for the RSPCA – Ceitho’s choice. Friends and family are sponsoring Ceitho to see how many bags he can fill this week.

South Wales Argus:



South Wales Argus:


“Blaenau Gwent Council have been fab and delivered him his very own litter picking champion kit… including a vest, gloves, bags, grabber and a handwritten thank you letter and drinks bottle to say thank you to him.

“To say I’m proud of my boys is an understatement”.