FIRST Minister Mark Drakeford has this morning confirmed that the "stay local" five-mile rule will likely be lifted on July 6.

Today, the Welsh Government has given the go ahead for non-essential shops to reopen across Wales, but the "stay-local" rule will still be in place for the next two weeks.

Speaking on BBC Radio Wales this morning, he said that the Welsh Government planned to lift the "stay local" guidance in two weeks' time.

"We plan to lift those in two weeks' time, so we are asking people to do one last lap of the stay local arrangements.

"We need these two weeks to bed down on the virus, and to allow those parts of the economy where people will travel to when they are able to do so, that those parts of the economy can prepare as well."

A Welsh Government spokesman confirmed that the five-mile rule will be lifted, subject to the virus staying under control.

Mr Drakeford added: "If on the sixth of July we are able to confirm that the stay local message is over and people choose, as I am sure they will, to travel to those parts of Wales which are holiday destinations that those places now have two weeks to prepare for that. To put all those things in place.

"It is a sensible precaution measure."

He also said that if you have a "compassionate reason" to visit someone beyond the local area over the next two weeks, you will be allowed to travel beyond the five-mile radius.