POLICE have issued a warning of a scam in which people in Gwent are receiving telephone calls claiming to be from HMRC demanding money.

A force statement said: "Gwent Police have been notified of a number of automated calls to members’ of the publics home phones falsely claiming to be from HMRC. The call invites you to return the call by pressing 1 on your phone, before connecting you to a call handler.

"They will then falsely claim that you owe money and that you will be liable for arrest and property forfeiture if you fail to provide financial details or pay them there and then."


The statement added the caller will often claim to be a police officer supporting HMRC, and the system they are using allows them to mirror police station numbers - meaning the number they have called from will appear to be legitimate. The callers have also been aware of the location of the nearest police station to the victim and use this to put pressure on them.

Police have said HMRC never make phone calls or send text messages or emails asking for personal information or informing of tax rebates or penalties.

Report suspicious calls or messages to HMRC via phishing@hmrc.gov.uk. Suspicious text messages can be forwarded to 60599.

For more guidance visit https://takefive-stopfraud.org.uk or gov.uk/topic/dealing-with-hmrc/phishing-scam