VANDALS broke in to a community hub and food bank on three consecutive nights, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Volunteers at Panteg House in Griffithstown, Pontypool, arrived to find smashed windows and doors around the football changing rooms had been broken down.

The football changing rooms were broken into three consecutive nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while Panteg House itself was also broken into Saturday night.


"We boarded it up each time, but they came back each time," said Panteg House Employees' club manager and secretary Allan Pepcoe.

"On Monday when I opened up there had been half a breezeblock thrown through the window.

"They went on through to the football changing rooms and destroyed almost every door. We have had to board them all up so you cannot access them now.

South Wales Argus:

A smashed window at Panteg House. Picture: Alan Pepcoe

"They also let all the fire extinguishers off, and let some off in the kit bags when all the teams' kits are.

"We think there is around £1,100 of damage, which we can ill afford.

"We are a community hub and a community sports hub. All that we generate to keep us going comes from the bar - which is closed at the moment.

"We have had some kind offers of help and donations from the community.

"I think it has upset the community a tremendous amount, having people coming in to a place like this in such a challenging time and damaging it."