CHANGES to Newport's transport network to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists as the coronavirus lockdown eases will be temporary at first - but they could be made permanent if they are successful.

Footpath widening, 20mph zones, and cycle safety measures are proposed, with the city receiving £600,000 from the Welsh Government through its £15m local sustainable transport Covid-19 response scheme.

“We have a real opportunity to make changes to Newport’s highway network that will make roads safer for both walkers and cyclists," said Cllr Roger Jeavons, deputy council leader and cabinet member for city services.

“Some of these will be in the city centre, such as pavement widening in Corn Street and Skinner Street, but improvements will also be made around the city and will include the introduction of 20mph speed limits.

“We know more people are walking and cycling than before lockdown, with much less car use, and we want to encourage this for the good of people’s health and well-being, as well as for the undoubted environmental benefit.

“I would like to thank Newport Cycling for their contribution to the programme that won this vital financial support from the Welsh Government.”


Newport East MS John Griffiths congratulated the council and Cycling Newport for securing the funding. The latter, which Mr Griffiths instigated last year to lobby for improved cycle routes and active travel provisions in Newport, supported the process by identifying potential schemes.

"Even before the pandemic, there has been real eagerness to make the city more cycle and pedestrian friendly," said Mr Griffiths.

"Cycling Newport have been at the forefront of this, working with other individuals, organisations and businesses on ideas and suggesting active travel routes to bring about these changes.

“During lockdown, we have seen a noticeable increase in individuals and families cycling, both for exercise and getting around. It’s had a very positive impact on air pollution and our environment generally, but we need to maintain these healthy and greener travel choices to prevent a return to heavily car-dependent travel.”

The 'pop-up' improvements in Newport designed to make journeys safer for both pedestrians and cyclists are:

Corn Street and Skinner Street footway widening enhancement scheme;

Corporation Road - cycle improvements at the Wharf Road/George Street Bridge junction;

Temporary interventions in high footfall areas such as the city centre, retail areas and transport hubs;

20mph speed limits;

Pedestrian and cycle improvements in the Gold Tops area;

Pedestrian/cycle improvements - various locations;

Installation of social distancing measures at Newport bus station.