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Last week's photograph was of Newport's Cambrian Road.

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A 1960s picture of Cambrian Road. The Princess Tea Rooms and Restaurant was before that the Royce Restaurant. I walked along this road every weekday in 1958 to catch my train (steam) to my apprentice training school in Penarth. To the cameraman's right was my Mecca - Edward's Sports Shop, they had two shops, one sold all sports gear, but the other sold Hornby Dublo trains - the staff would call me in to say that a new limited model was out and they'd put it under the counter for me. Behind the camera was the railway station - originally Great Western Railway and the goods yard, where it was common to see the strange three-wheel Scammell 'Mechanical Horses' out and about before they were replaced by battery vehicles. Buses stopped in this road, one of many stops scattered throughout the town. On the right hand side near Bridge Street was the brewery. Originally it was Lloyd and Yorath, but by the 1960's it had become Ansell's, walking past there was always the warm, steamy smell of the hops. On either side of the gateway were two, large rounded stones, these were to keep the horse drawn carts away from the walls. Opposite the brewery was Joyce's toy shop where they sold such delights as itching powder and stink bombs. Next door was a garage that also sold petrol - as the pumps were set back from the kerb, the hoses were on a long metal arm that swung out over the pavement. In those days you could fill your tank for under £1 - a gallon was 4/5d (22p). Facing the camera is the Lamb Inn and next door to that was Shufflebotham's china shop. Right on the corner of Cambrian Road was Fearis, where small urchins would beg "any stale cakes".

Dave Woolven, Newport

This is Cambrian Road and the building facing us, I'm sure, is The Lamb. Now on the right is Wetherspoons, the bus stops were for our town buses. I'm sure the arcade on the left is still there and is where I had my first parking ticket (never any more). How Newport has changed. Keep showing us these great memories.

Mary Stock, Newport