A 53-YEAR-old man from New Tredegar who had just returned home following a period in hospital died of cardio-respiratory failure influenced by an intake of drugs, an inquest concluded.

Carey Williams, who had left hospital on October 1 2019 having been admitted to the Royal Gwent with a suspected heart attack on September 23, is thought to have died on October 9 2019.

His daughter had been to see her father on the evening of October 8 as he had just returned to his Queen Street home after spending eight days being looked after by his sister, but she became increasingly concerned the following when she didn’t hear from him, which was very unusual.

After numerous attempts to contact him, his daughter asked her father’s neighbour to break his door down at around 5.30pm, and Mr Williams was found on his bedroom floor.


He was pronounced dead at 6.25pm. Police officer Amy Hughes said in a statement that there was “drugs paraphernalia around Mr Williams”. He had a history of drugs misuse, but his daughter said her father had not used drugs for some time.

A post-mortem examination revealed concentrations of codeine, morphine and diazepam in his blood, with morphine level consistent with that seen in fatalities. Intolerance to drugs such as morphine can change rapidly if there has been a period of abstinence.

Conclusion: Narrative - failure of cardio-respiratory system influenced by the use of drugs.