A FAMILY are disgusted after allegedly being given mouldy boxes with their meals at McDonald's – that left two of their children ill.

South Wales Argus:

The mould inside the happy meal box

Elizabeth Webster, 26 from Risca, wanted to treat her children to a McDonald's so visited the Rogerstone branch on Saturday, June 27.

But she said she was horrified to find that inside the box was covered with mould.

South Wales Argus:

Some of the mould could be seen on the outside of the box

“It made us feel sick," she said. "Our eldest two just have their boxes and tip their chips and nuggets onto the box. Their food actually touched the mould on the box.”


Ms Webster said, by the they they had realised, her children had already finished their food. She called the branch to complain and was then asked to return to the store with the boxes.

“All they did was give us two new toy boxes and took the mouldy ones," she said. "They claimed it was ink spreading from where they accepted a delivery of boxes while it was raining, and the rest of the boxes have been removed. It clearly isn’t ink and I dread to think how many others had one of these boxes.”

Ms Webster added her children later become ill with diarrhoea and stomach pains.

South Wales Argus:

They were disgusted by the state of the boxes

After contacting head office, Ms Webster was given some vouchers and an apology.

“I’ve been turned off the place now,” she said.

McDonald's have been contacted for comment.