AN INSPIRATIONAL 12-year-old Monmouth schoolboy with cancer has raised more than £4,300 for his children's ward with the help of his friends and teachers, having started with a target of £100.

Sam Badcock, of Chapel House boarding school, was honoured by staff and friends at Monmouth School for Boys who organised a marathon 20-hour fundraiser this week.

The group of fundraisers, organised by Shelia Mone - House Parent at Chapel House - performed a virtual 'Stay in Bed' challenge to raise the money.

The challenge involved a host of fun activities for the children, including a quiz, pillow PE, gaming, a movie, and an opportunity for them to chat and spend time with each other virtually.

South Wales Argus:

“The boys at Chapel House thought about doing the usual fundraiser like running marathons or climbing mountains,” said Ms Mone, "but they decided to think about ways of helping Sam through his cancer treatment, cheer him up and raise some money too.

South Wales Argus:

"Sam has been in bed receiving chemotherapy for several weeks, so two of his friends suggested a big Chapel House sleep over, virtually, of course so that the boys could be together for Sam.

“For 20 hours, the boys enjoyed chatting, snacking and laughing. Everyone had a great time and Sam and the boys are looking forward to getting together like this every weekend in some way.”


Sam has been receiving hospital treatment since November at University Hospital Southampton, and is now more than half way into a cycle of chemotherapy and will be in hospital for the next few weeks.

Sam thanked everyone who took part and said he "loved the idea".

South Wales Argus:

“Having his friends there to chat to and game with was brilliant," Ms Mone added.

"Even when he was tired, he loved listening to the chatter and mayhem of Chapel House and the rest of the 'Stay in Bed for Sam' team.

“I am grateful to Chapel House parents and all those who really got behind this event as we have received fantastic donations from so many people, including grandparents, aunties, cousins and god-parents of the boys."

The money raised will be given to the neurosurgery and cancer wards in Southampton.

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