THE STAY local five-mile rule has today been lifted, but the First Minister has asked the  public to heed ten rules.

Visitors will be able to travel into and around Wales for the first time since lockdown measures were introduced in March, while outdoor attractions can also reopen.

And from today people from two households will be able to form one extended household, enabling families to be reunited.

But Mark Drakeford has asked visitors to the country to behave safely and respectfully.

The countryside code has now been revised in light of the pandemic, and visitors to Wales are now asked to:

1. Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors

2. Park carefully so access to gateways and driveways are clear

3. Leave gates and property as you find them

4. Follow paths but give way to others where it’s narrow

5. Leave no trace of your visit, take all your litter home

6. Be careful with barbecues and don’t light fires

7. Keep dogs under effective control

8. Dog poo - bag it and bin it, or take it with you

9. Plan ahead, check what facilities are open, be prepared

10. Follow advice and local signs and obey social distancing measures

First Minister Mark Drakeford said: "We live in such a beautiful part of the world and I know many of us are looking forward to visiting beaches, the countryside and our many beauty spots."

However, he addded that: "Unfortunately, over the recent weeks we’ve seen the results of people not treating parts of Wales with respect, with crowds leaving piles of litter in their wake.

"This selfish behaviour is a blight on our beauty spots and puts people at risk.

"Coronavirus has not gone away and, while the evidence shows the risk outdoors is lower, there is still a risk.

"We therefore need to continue to act responsibly.

"Be kind to local residents and to fellow visitors by parking considerately, leaving nothing behind and following the recently revised Countryside Code.

"While many footpaths and car parks are re-opening, not all facilities will be available in every location straight away. Please, check websites where possible and plan your visit. If your planned destination is too busy when you arrive, have a plan B ready and try an alternative car park or destination."