There are always times when people find it ard to afford the basic necessities and, for many, the coronavirus pandemic will be one of them. One young man is trying his best to alleviate those worries with his new store. Elizabeth Birt went to find out more.

WHILE most people love a good bargain, some people know it is necessary to be able to get the basics to live off but find it hard to get what they need at a price they can afford.

Jammy Prices in Newport is aiming to provide the necessities and treats at prices available at a price anyone can afford.

Products include pasta, curries, cereals, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toilet rolls, drinks and much more, and prices range from 25p for a single item to around £3 for a bulk buy.


Kian Urqhuart from Newport is 19 and came up with the idea for the shop when he was studying media at Crosskeys College.

South Wales Argus:

Jay and Kian Urqhuart outside Jammy Prices

“I did some filming and interviewing the homeless in Newport as part of my course and I saw how some of them were genuinely struggling and even with the small amount of change they had, there wasn’t much they could afford,” he said.

In November last year, Mr Urqhuart began to put things in place. He was working with Steve Macey of the Prince’s Trust, who suggested opening the shop and helped with creating the business plan.

Mr Urqhuart chose a location just outside of the city centre as he saw how many businesses were opening and closing and thought he would have more success just outside and still be close enough to the homeless to be able to help them.

He was due to open the shop – named in memory of his grandfather, who he says inspired him to help people whenever he could – in April, but the coronavirus pandemic put everything on hold.

South Wales Argus:

Some of the products on sale for cheap prices at Jammy Prices

“I’m grateful for Linda and Gordon at Property First for helping to find the location and to Ali who owns the building," he said. "He’s been amazing by letting us come in during the lockdown period to fit the shop and get it ready and for letting us have it rent free during lockdown.

“It’s really helped to ensure we can continue to survive now that we’re able to open.”

Despite not being able to open as planned, Mr Urqhuart worked hard to get his business off to a good start – including by donating a large number of products to the Royal Gwent Hospital.

“We have family and friends who work in the hospital and know a lot of people go there to get help and thought we could help them out,” he said.

South Wales Argus:

Some of the products on sale for cheap prices at Jammy Prices

Alongside this, he has donated bags of products to people who are struggling.

“Last Christmas, we sat down for dinner and then packed up leftovers and came out as a family to Newport to offer the leftovers to the homeless," he said.

“They were absolutely delighted. That’s also what made me want to do as much as I could to help. Knowing I have helped one person a day makes it worthwhile.”

Mr Urqhuart was helped by a number of other people with donations of shelving and fridges to be able to keep costs down and in turn pass the discounts on to others.

South Wales Argus:

Some of the products on sale for cheap prices at Jammy Prices

He received shelving from Afzal at Global Link Associates who also handles all the paperwork, and Alex at JP Stores who donated a lot of items.

Most of the equipment was donated by other stores that were closing down and Mr Urqhuart’s family have been major factors in the store. They have helped to support from the start and he believes this wouldn’t have been possible without all of them.

There are plans in the running for Jammy Prices to expand – with the launch of a tea and coffee machine and discounted Greggs products as part of the Greggs scheme when it resumes.

  • Jammy Prices is at 37 Methuen Road, Newport NP19 0BN.