PLAYGROUNDS, funfairs and community centres in Wales will reopen from Monday, First Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed today.

Outdoor gyms will also be able to operate as part of the latest measures to lift coronavirus restrictions in Wales.

This is the second in a three-week package of measures to re-open large parts of Wales’ tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors, which was announced as part of the latest review of the coronavirus regulations last week.

Mr Drakeford said: “With rates of the virus in Wales continuing to fall, we are able to carry on with our gradual, step-by-step lifting of the restrictions.

“From Monday, playgrounds and outdoor gyms will be able to reopen. Community centres will be able to increase their activity, helping local authorities provide summer holiday play schemes and childcare.


“Funfairs will also be able to reopen as they have had time to consider how they can put appropriate measures in place before customers return. This follows the reopening of indoor and outdoor attractions in recent weeks.

“While the removal of these restrictions allows these places to reopen, it does not require them to. The specific timings for reopening may vary from place to place as owners take assessments and make any necessary changes.

“As we take these cautious steps, no one should make the mistake of thinking the virus has gone away. We could find our hard work quickly undone unless we all go on playing our part, every day, and in every way we can, to keep Wales safe.”

The Welsh Government has previously asked a number of businesses to begin preparing to reopen from July 27, if the conditions allow.

These are as follows:

• Close contact services, including nail and beauty salons and businesses providing tanning services, massages, body piercings, tattooing, electrolysis or acupuncture.

• Indoor cinemas, museums, galleries and archive services.

• Tourist accommodation with shared facilities, such as camping sites. Opening would be from July 25.

• Reopening the housing market fully.

Provided the reopening of these sectors goes well and conditions allow, indoor opening for pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants will resume from August 3, following the outcome of the next review of the coronavirus regulations.