PROMISES from the prime minister of a "significant return to normality" by Christmas have been branded unrealistic by Wales' first minister.

Speaking at the Welsh Government's daily coronavirus briefing, Mark Drakeford said that Mr Johnson would "have to take a sunny view of things to think that a return to normality by Christmas would be true".

Speaking at a Downing Street news conference, Mr Johnson said: "It is my strong and sincere hope that we will be able to review the outstanding restrictions and allow a more significant return to normality from November at the earliest - possibly in time for Christmas."


Mr Drakeford, who said that he had not met with the prime minister since May, said that the Welsh Government would also be looking at ways to ease the lockdown but cautioned against putting any kind of timeframe in place.

"While we are able, we will continue to ease lockdown measures," he said.

"However, you would have to take an pretty optimistic view to think that the Christmas deadline is realistic."