SERVICES supporting people in Wales struggling with debt and managing their household income are receiving an extra £1.4 million from the Welsh Government.

With studies showing the coronavirus pandemic is putting increased pressure on vulnerable people in Wales, with some at risk of falling into serious debt, the cash is being invested into the Single Advice Fund, which offers advice and support.

Finance minister Rebecca Evans said: “Whilst the coronavirus outbreak is affecting everyone, we know that it is having a more significant financial impact on some of the most vulnerable people in our society.


“The funding I am announcing today will help those who are most at risk of debt because of loss of household income to better cope with their financial commitments.

“It is clear that the impact the pandemic has had on our economy will be felt for the long-term, and we will continue to seek to maximise services available as we recover from this crisis.”

Minister for housing and local government, Julie James said: “The financial impact of the crisis is clear - many tenants in Wales are already falling behind or expected to fall behind with their rent payments.

“Advice services are invaluable in helping people build financial capability whilst supporting them to navigate through the benefit system to better understand what they may be entitled to and how to claim.

“This is part of a package of support we are looking at in Wales to make sure we provide more support, more quickly, to the people who need it the most.”

Deputy minister and chief whip, Jane Hutt said: “We know that people living with debt are more likely to experience mental health problems, so it’s vitally important they get the advice and help they need as early as possible.”