WEARING a face mask is compulsory on public transport in Wales from today.

Under the new law announced earlier this month, anyone aged 11 or older must wear a face mask on any type of public transport - including taxis.

There are exemptions for people with certain health conditions, including respiratory diseases.


Drivers, guards and other operators of public transport may ask people not to board if they are not wearing face coverings, and police have the power to issue fines for those breaking the rules - £60 for the first offence, and £120 for re-offenders.

Minister for economy, transport and North Wales Ken Skates said: “From today the vast majority of our public transport users in Wales will be required to wear a face covering while travelling on our buses, our trains and in taxis. The law has been introduced to help reduce the risk of public transmission of coronavirus and to protect the health of our public transport users.

“We know it may not always be possible to maintain a two metre physical distance on public transport and the requirement to wear a face covering is in addition to other guidance we have issued to our transport providers in order to encourage safe travel.”

The Welsh Government has advised face covering made up of three layers of the same close knit, or close woven material should be worn.