A CINEMA chain have shared how film-lovers can buy their own 'ultimate stay-at-home movie food package' to enjoy an array of snacks from their own sofa.

Here's what it includes, and how you can get your hands on one.

Who are selling the movie food packages?

Scott Cinema group spread the word about the offer earlier this year during the nationwide lockdown, but have since continued to take orders.


In a statement on their website, the company said: Our friends at PCO (who supply our ever popular crunchy crisps, nachos and movie promotional items) are offering customers to have their favourite snacks at home.

"PCO will send a 'Movie Package' for you to enjoy at home with your favourite films. Movie Packages are available for £20 (plus delivery in areas outside of a catchment)."

What does the 'movie package' include?

The pack includes:

  • Up to 2kg sweet cinema popcorn (comes with a popcorn storage bag to decant into)
  • Nachos (2 x 800g)
  • Selection of 4 dips
  • Crunchy Crisps (2 x 200g)
  • Candy floss (1 x 30g)
  • Popcorn Tin

'Money will be donated to charity from every pack sold'

For every pack sold, the company say that £2 will be donated to charity. These charities are the NHS, MediCinema & Film + TV Charity. 

How much is delivery?

Delivery in the UK would be £6 (per pack) utilising a courier service. Delivery is normally between 7-10 working days, but may take a little longer due to unexpected high demand. Unfortunately, international orders are not accepted.

How can I get a pack?

To buy one of the packs, go to https://eastgrinstead.scottcinemas.co.uk/offers/foodmoviepackage for more information.