DRINK-DRIVERS in Wales banned from getting behind the wheel for a year or more will be able to complete a rehabilitation course online.

The Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme is a 16-hour training programme offered to people banned from driving for 12 months or more. It is usually delivered in a classroom setting, but providers have been unable to run sessions during the coronavirus pandemic.

And now the Welsh Government has announced the course will be offered online on a temporary basis.


Minister for economy and transport Ken Skates said: "The rehabilitation course is really important and can help reduce the risk of future drink driving.

“In giving the go-ahead for online provision, on a temporary basis, we are confident people will be able to receive the same benefits from the scheme without having to travel and spend time in confined spaces. We are in discussion with providers to help ensure services remain accessible for people.

“We will continue to keep the scheme under review as we consider our ongoing response to Covid-19.”

In Wales the courses are run by IAM RoadSmart and TTC Group. Participants are offered a reduction in their driving bans in return for completing the course.

People can take part in courses if they have a ban of 12 months or more. Courses are intended to reduce the likelihood of reoffending, while also reducing driving bans.

Tim Ribton, TTC national manager said: “In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, workshop courses for groups of people have had to be temporarily suspended, which would have negatively impacted drink driver offender’s ability to participate in the course.

“The move by the Welsh Government to temporarily allow the Drink Drive Rehabilitation courses to be delivered online in virtual classrooms is an excellent decision, allowing TTC to continue delivering behavioural change programmes to offenders."

Tony Greenidge, interim IAM RoadSmart chief executive said: “We welcome the opportunity to work closely with the Welsh Government to monitor the success of this temporary arrangement. Our team is ready to deliver and for those offenders who complete the course we know that many will undergo a positive and life changing experience.”