GWENT is set to see scorching highs of 30 degrees Celsius next weekend after a period of cloudy weather, the Met Office is predicting.

As we move into next week, temperatures are set to hover around 20 degrees Celsius, but be mostly overcast.

And on Wednesday, Gwent is likely to experience rainfall – even with temperatures reaching 20 degrees Celsius.

But on Friday, the sunny weather will return.

The Met Office says: “There are increasing signs that many parts will become drier, brighter and very warm towards the end of next week.”

And senior meteorologist for the BBC, Derek Brockway is also predicting the arrival of warm weather.

He said: “High pressure, drier, sunnier and warmer or hot later in the week.”

On Friday, August 7, Newport could see highs of 28 degrees Celsius with similar temperatures expected on Saturday.

It is set to be even warmer in Monmouth, with melting highs of 30 degrees Celsius.

In Cwmbran, 29 degrees Celsius is expected on Saturday.

Ebbw Vale should see temperatures of 25 to 26 degrees Celsius on Friday and Saturday, with similar temperatures also expected in Caerphilly.

The forecast comes days after an estimated thirty thousand flocked to Barry Island to soak up the warm weather.

Officers dealt with anti-social behaviour after some scuffles broke out, and around 40 youths gathered in the Old Harbour.

South Wales Argus:

(Thousands flocked to Barry Island.)

Police intelligence suggested that fights were being pre-arranged with people travelling from the Valleys to get involved and confront Barry youths

Car parks were rammed and vehicles parked in residential areas.

- Read more about the scenes in Barry Island here

Public transport users faced waiting times of more than two hours on trains, to and from Cardiff and Barry Island, and Cardiff Bus relaxed the 18 passengers per vehicle limit during late afternoon.

Barry Island café owner, Marco Zeraschi said: “There was plenty of social spacing when the tide was out, but when the tide comes in, no.

“It was to be expected – a hot, sunny day, a nice presence of police, thank goodness, confiscating drink and dispersing anti-social behaviour children.

“Confiscating drink sends a message out: ‘don’t come to Barry Island and cause trouble, you’ll get arrested and have your drink taken off you.’

“There’s 25,000 to 30,000 people.

“From Ship Hill to get to Barry Island it took me about 20 minutes.”