DO you recognise this supermarket in Newport? This area has changed dramatically over the years, do you recognise it? Share your memories of this beautiful building at

South Wales Argus:

How it looked in days past

South Wales Argus:

How it looks today


Last week's picture was of Newport's Neon venue, formerly the Odeon cinema.

South Wales Argus:

Here's what our Facebook followers had to say:

Sallie Mogford: "We used to sit through the same film twice if it was a good one."

Brian Wheeldon: "Odeon - went there on numerous occasions."

Joe Crocker: "Great venue still, well maintained with respect to its history."

Helen Evans Hall: "Started my Sci-fi addiction here, Star Wars, Star Trek happy days."

Diane Cleave: "Worked in odeon when it was a cinema back in the 60s."

Gloria Davies: "Odeon and ABC opposite, there was also a pictures in town."

Sandra Beale: "The old Odeon cinema in Clarence Place."

Rachel Marie. "Used to sneak in the back door to cinema."

Jamie Mclean: "Watched Star Wars in there wow."

Julian Bond: "Watched Zulu Dawn with my dad in there."