GCSE students in Caerphilly will be given textbooks and revision guides for core subjects, through a county borough council investment of more than £300,000.

The council's cabinet has agreed to use £302,175 of education and corporate services reserves to fund the scheme, which will help students during the coronavirus pandemic.

The funding will allow all 4,029 pupils in Years 10 and 11 across Caerphilly to access textbooks and revision guides for English or Welsh, Maths and Science.

The set of textbooks costs £75 per student and will be a one-off payment. Schools will be expected to re-use the textbooks in future years.

A cabinet report says there is ongoing work to begin to provide all learners with IT equipment such as ChromeBooks, laptops and iPads,

It says: “The intention to provide a physical set of textbooks and revision guides covering core subjects for all Key Stage 4 learners means that Caerphilly’s pupils will be able to access content in the classroom, and from home, over an extended period.”


The council hopes that students can regain any lost ground to the pandemic and they are equipped to continue their learning should physical access to schools be restricted again.

“While schools are scheduled to return in September, the further impact of Covid-19 over coming months cannot be predicted with any certainty," the report continues.

“Should schools be required to close again, either in response to a local or regional lockdown, the council wishes to be in the strongest position possible to ensure our learners are not further disadvantaged.”

The council’s deputy leader, Cllr Sean Morgan, said: “I can’t imagine the difficulty that schools and learners have gone through during this pandemic and anything that can help alleviate the problems, especially in this key moment in their lives, is the right thing to do.”