A NEWPORT nightclub's licence is under review following allegations it breached lockdown regulations last month.

The Courtyard, on Cambrian Road in the city centre, is alleged to have operated as a nightclub on two occasions during July.

This was not permitted at the time due to government coronavirus restrictions.

"Newport City Council has made an application to review the licence of The Courtyard in the city centre," reads a council statement.

"The council’s trading standards team is taking the action in relation to allegations that the premises was operating as a nightclub on two occasions in July when it was banned under the coronavirus regulations.

"There will now be a 28-day period of consultation to allow interested parties make representations.

"The review will be heard by the licensing sub-committee within 20 days of the conclusion of the consultation."


Owner of The Courtyard, Iftekhar Harris said that he was "shocked" by the decision.

"It's based on advice from a 132-page government document," he said.

"How are we meant to interpret that?

"We opened up after the go-ahead from the government.

"We asked whether music could be played by a DJ and were told that it could."

Mr Harris said that operating in times such as these was "completely new to us".

"We only had a capacity of under 100," he said.

"A queue formed outside but we dealt with it.

"I'm shocked by the council's decision not to engage with us.

"It's victimisation, nothing new."

He added that, at a time when people should be fighting a virus, he was now "having to fight the council review".

"We're providing essential services," he said.

"A lot of these people haven't seen their friends and some don't come from loving homes.

"I felt a duty to open for my customers."