A FORMER deputy leader of Newport City Council has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Newport East in next year’s Senedd election.

Dr Mike Hamilton, who was the council's deputy leader in 2012 while a councillor, will run for the seat currently held by John Griffiths.

“We are living in the most difficult of times,” Dr Hamilton said.


“Wales needs to position itself post-Covid-19. We need a plan for the economic recovery.

“We must help our existing industries to survive, but we also need to be innovative and create new skilled well-paying jobs.”

Improving Newport’s air quality should also be a Welsh Government priority, along with providing housing, former university lecturer Dr Hamilton says.

The 61-year-old, of Victoria, Newport, added: “Wales has a huge homelessness problem, and they have never built enough of the right housing.

“We talk and talk about transport, but nothing ever gets built and Labour seems to have no solutions.”

The Seneddd election is scheduled for May 6 next year and for the first time will see 16- and 17-year-olds able to vote.