A CONVICTED drug dealer was jailed after he sold heroin and crack cocaine to undercover police officers during a covert operation.

Kade Reynolds, 26, of Somerton Park, Newport, was snared as part of Operation Solar which led to a number of arrests across the city in June.

The defendant sold £50 wraps of heroin with a purity of between 48% and 54%, once near Subway on Cardiff Road.

Gareth James, prosecuting, said: “Operation Solar is a proactive investigation into the supply of class A drugs within the Newport area.


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 “The city and the surrounding area has been identified as being an area that has become particularly vulnerable due to its high number of substance abusers.

“In 2019, Newport had the highest volume of drugs offences within Gwent and accounts for 44% of the total drug offences committed.”

He told Cardiff Crown Court: “The operation involved the deployment of undercover officers within the Newport area.

“The objective was to purchase class A drugs, identify those involved and provide direct evidence and intelligence on those responsible for the supply of these drugs.”

Mr James added: “Video and audio footage was recorded and stills were later taken from that footage and used to confirm his identity.”

Reynolds pleaded guilty to supplying heroin and crack cocaine between November 11 and December 17.

Mr James said the defendant was jailed for three years in 2017 for supplying cocaine and heroin and 15 months last year for the possession of cannabis with intent.

Ben Waters, mitigating, said his client became addicted to opiates during his last term of imprisonment and turned to dealing to support his habit.

He said the father-of-one had found a job with a recycling company prior to his arrest.

Judge Richard Williams told Reynolds: “Your record as a drug dealer and the fact you committed the offences on licence is an aggravating factor.”

The defendant was jailed for three years and 10 months.