MORE than 1,000 NHS and care workers will enjoy a much-deserved day out at Barry Island tomorrow.

From midday to 8pm, 1,050 health staff - 150 per hour - will enjoy unlimited free rides, with food and drink available, at the popular attraction.

Alan Barham, of Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd, has organised the event in conjunction with Barry Island Pleasure Park owner, Henry Danter, Fork truck Maintenance and Momentum. And Barry Round Table.

Other visitors can access the Park as normal during opening times.


Barry Island Pleasure Park owner Henry Danter said: “I felt like I ought to do something.

“I think I’ve got the best place in Wales so I thought it would be a good idea to give the NHS workers and the supporters of the NHS a day out at the fairground.

“Alan (Barham), a friend of mine, has been organising it.

“I think there’s 1,000 NHS workers that are going to come here and have something to eat and have a wonderful day out.

“It’s just a way of saying ‘thank you’ really.

“I think it’s fully booked now.”

He added: “I’m providing the rides for the day for them to have fun on.

“Memories will be made.

“It’s going to be a great day.

“It’s a great place.

“We’ve got the greatest rides Wales has ever seen.

“Even with this coronavirus we still put on the best show that Wales and the West has ever seen.

“It’s lovely to see so many happy faces in these difficult times and I think it’s just one way of saying thank you.”

Visitors can choose from rides such as the Barry High ferris wheel; The Atmosphere; the Scenic Railway Mk2: the Cyclone rollercoaster; the dodgem; the Gravitron; Extreme; the Star Flyer; the Superstar; the Matterhorn, the Hell Raiser; the Waltzer, the Miami; the Fun House and children’s rides.

The event is pre-booked only, and is already fully booked.