WE all know bank holidays can be ruined by traffic - especially when you're just trying to get home or to the shops.

Traffic Wales have published information on the worst times to travel during the forthcoming bank holiday weekend.

The statistics show that travelling on the M4 between 9am and 6pm on Monday August 31 could cost you as much as 20 minutes.

The figures are based on the travel times at traffic hotspots during last year's August bank holiday.


The worst traffic can be found in Carmarthenshire between junction 47 of the M4 at Penllergaer and the A40 at Carmarthen.

Travelling on this stretch of the road between 10am and 11am took 40 minutes last year, as opposed to just 20 minutes earlier in the morning.

Nearer home, the M4 between junction 23 at Rogiet and junction 34 at Miskin can see delays of up to 10 minutes, the worst time to hit the road being between 11am and 1pm.

Traffic Wales advises checking ahead to avoid the worst of the hold-ups.

They say: "Make sure you plan ahead and leave before or after rush hour where possible.

"Check your vehicle as well. Breakdowns can have a big impact when it is already busy."