WELSH Senedd Member John Griffiths and Member of Parliament Jessica Morden are teaming up with the Living Levels Partnership to encourage people to share “Your Best Views of the Gwent Levels”.

People of all ages can get involved by posting their pictures on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #DiscoverGwentLevels and #ActionsForNature and by tagging Our Living Levels, Mr Griffiths and Ms Morden in their photos.

They will then retweet and share your images from their accounts.


Mr Griffiths said "In the last few months we have seen a greater appreciation of our environment and our green spaces. "It’s something I have found very notable when I have been out with my own family on walks around the Gwent Levels. "It’s also been great to see people of all ages wanting to learn more about the wildlife and environment around them.”

Ms Morden added: “The Gwent Levels has an amazing history and a really unique beauty to it - that’s why I am very proud to be the MP representing much of this area.

"The Local Levels team, John and I are really looking forward to sharing and retweeting your pictures so we show continue to show why we have some of the most beautiful countryside on our doorstep.”

If you want to find out more about the initiative either e-mail andrew.bettridge@senedd.wales or Gavin.Jones@rspb.org.uk