THRILL seekers can ride the Barry Island Pleasure Park log flume again - after it was forced to close earlier this month when a family was thrown into the water.

The ride, also known as the Pirate River, was closed on Wednesday, August 12, after a mother, son, and her partner, rocked a ‘boat’ – against instructions - which then turned over leaving them wet, but uninjured.

The mother gave her account on Facebook in a post which went viral and reached more than 6,100 people before it was later withdrawn.

Pleasure Park owner, Henry Danter said CCTV had captured the incident and the occupants had flouted the instructions.


The popular ride has had a thorough overhaul and been passed fit to operate by health and safety inspector, David Geary.

The ride reopened on Saturday, August 29 with more than 2,000 people so far using it - but Mr Danter said some are still ignoring the instructions to hold tight and not throw their hands in the air.

Mr Danter, 76, said: “We have been very thorough and checked every nut and bolt.

“It’s taken us days and days.

“We stripped it right back and we couldn’t find anything that caused the incident.

“We don’t want anything to go wrong – it was caused by rocking the ‘boat’.

“We have got signs on there and we are telling people all the time.

“You could get bumped and bruised and wet.

“It’s a thrill ride.

“At the end of the day you can tell people, but some people won’t listen.

“They are warned not to put their hands in the air.”

Mr Danter added: “We had eight cameras on it - we now have 12.”

A Health and Safety Executive spokesperson said the ride owner and operator had at the time brought the incident to its attention and an independent fairground ride examiner had conducted an inspection and identified remedial actions.

The Pleasure Park is currently open from midday until 8pm every day.