A NEWPORT family have spoken about the disruption caused by quarantine restrictions imposed on holidaymakers returning from the Greek island of Zante.

More than 30 cases of coronavirus linked to the island have now been recorded in Wales, leading to Health Minister Vaughan Gething imposing the restrictions.

Christine and Iain Ormond were on holiday in Zante with their three children, but returned on Tuesday evening to the news that they now have to quarantine for two weeks.

Mrs Ormond, who says she felt safer in Zante than back home, told the Argus that was the first they had heard of the need for them to self isolate.


It means they now cannot return to work, and their children will not be able to go back to school.

Mrs Ormond, 41, said passengers on the Tui flight were handed a letter on arrival at Cardiff Airport on Tuesday evening.

“When we were on the plane, they checked all our face masks, and we had an announcement with all the symptoms, and were told if anyone had any symptoms they should let the cabin crew know," she said.

“We were told we couldn’t get up and queue in the aisles if we needed the toilet.

“When we got to Cardiff and came through the air gate, there was a lady stood in PPE (personal protective equipment) asking how many people were in each party, and handing us letters.

South Wales Argus:

Passengers boarding the flight returning to Cardiff Airport from Zante. Picture: Christine Ormond

“They then told us we had to self isolate for 14 days and take a test within 48 hours, and another one in eight days.

“There had been no announcement of this on the flight.

“The children won’t be able to go to school, and we won’t be able to work.

"The two younger ones are extremely unhappy. They’ve had so much time off that they couldn’t wait to get back. The school were very accommodating and will be sending work home for them.

“We had been checking the news from back home that Greece wasn’t on the quarantine list.”

South Wales Argus:

The Ormond family from Newport now have to quarantine for two weeks after returning from Zante. Picture: Christine Ormond.

Mrs Ormond tried to book a test on Wednesday morning, but said she was told that only people displaying symptoms could book a test.

“[Public Health Wales] said we had to book via the 119 number, but when I phoned them, they said we could only book a test if we were showing symptoms, and didn’t know about the letter, so we now just have to wait to see who gets in touch.”

The Ormonds had booked their holiday before the pandemic hit, but were unable to get their money back if they cancelled, as Greece was not on the government’s no-fly list.

Mrs Ormond praised the way the pandemic was being handled in Zante, and said she felt safer there than at home in Wales.

“All the sunbeds there were socially distanced, and there was hand sanitiser everywhere,” she said. “You had to get your temperature taken before you went to get food.

South Wales Argus:

Emergency alerts were sent through to everyone's phones in Zante. Picture: Christine Ormond.

“In the first two days, we had an emergency alert coming through to everyone’s phones reminding you to wear a face mask when you are out.

“I can’t fault Zante at all. I felt safer there than I did here.”

Were you one of those who returned from Zante to Cardiff Airport on Tuesday evening? Did you receive a letter and advice on self isolating and testing when you arrived? Let us know by emailing newsdesk@southwalesargus.co.uk