A MAN who turned up at his ex-partner’s home with a claw hammer and attempted to break in – breaking a restraining order – has been jailed.

Matthew Edwards, 29, of James Street, Machen, had previously admitted criminal damage and breaking a restraining order.

Edwards was the subject of a two-year restraining order from his ex-partner after being convicted in 2018 for using violence to gain entry to a property, and two counts of criminal damage.


David Pinnell, prosecuting, told Cardiff Crown Court that on Wednesday, August 5, Edwards messaged his ex-partner about her whereabouts, to which she responded she was at home with her three children.

Just before midnight, the defendant arrived at the complainant’s house with a hammer, and tried to gain entry via the kitchen door, smashing the glass.

He then went to the front door and began striking it with the hammer.

“The complainant and her children retreated upstairs,” said Mr Pinnell. They called the police as Edwards attempted to gain entry through the front door.

Edwards then left the property, and police found him later that night hiding in his shed.

“He admitted attending the home address and admitted he was intoxicated,” said Mr Pinnell. “He admitted going around the house as ‘he had had enough of everything’.”

The court was told how both the defendant and the complainant were aware of the restraining order, but both believed it had only been for 12 months, not two years.

The couple had got back together after when they believed the original restraining order was completed, said Kevin Seal for the defence. However, at the time of this incident, Edwards was living at his mother’s house after an argument with the complainant.

“He accepts that it was wholly inappropriate,” said Mr Seal.

The defence said that Edwards suffered from depression as the result of losing his brother four years ago.

“In February this year, he himself was attacked physically and that resulted in the loss of his left eye and the loss of his employment," said Mr Seal. “He knows he has to be punished for this offence.”

Concluding, Judge Timothy Petts said: “You went prepared. You went armed with a hammer. You smashed the kitchen window and then smashed a panel on the front door.

“It’s a very serious breach to go to your ex-partner’s house armed with a hammer and it caused serious harm and distress. There were three children present in the house.”

Edwards was sentenced for 20 months in prison for breaching the restraining order.

A new restraining order for five years, prohibiting Edwards from contacting the complainant directly or indirectly, or from being within 100 metres of her home, has been made.

Edwards must pay a £156 surcharge.

He faced no separate punishment for the charge of criminal damage.