SIX dealers from Newport have been jailed for a total of 53 years and two months for their roles in a "lucrative" Class-A drugs ring in the city.

They had all faced charges of conspiring to supply heroin and crack cocaine.

A hearing at Cardiff Crown Court today was told the dealers, arrested as part of Gwent Police Operation Washington, had moved an estimated quantity of between 13 and 26 kilograms of the Class-A drugs through the city over an eight-and-a-half month period from November 2018 to July 2019.

Heath Edwards, prosecuting, said the drugs would have had a street value of at least £261,000.


Police officers also seized 355 grams of heroin and 16 grams of crack cocaine when they swooped in to make arrests in July last year.

The dealers used a mobile phone line, nicknamed 'Goshi', to advertise their drugs and communicate with buyers, the court was told.

The judge said the so-called Goshi line conspiracy was "sophisticated and determined" with "a large database of users".

Police officer Detective Constable Michael Cole had described the dealers' operation as "displaying all the hallmarks and traits of a line used by organised crime", the judge added.

The dealers mainly sold heroin and crack cocaine in 3.5 gram or 1.75 gram amounts, but were themselves "likely to be acquiring wholesale amounts" of the Class-A drugs.

Sentenced today by Judge Richard Twomlow were:

  • Aftab Hussain, 31, of Laburnum Drive, Newport – sentenced to a total of 17 years in prison.
  • Parvis Ishaq, 30, of Cyril Street, Newport – 10 years in prison.
  • Murtaza Hussain, 24, of Capel Crescent, Newport – eight years and nine months in prison.
  • Rizwaan Hussain, 24, of Llanthewy Road, Newport – six years and eight months in prison.
  • Avtar Hussain, 26, of Bishpool View, Newport – seven years in prison.
  • Mohammed Ali, 38, of no fixed abode – three years and nine months in prison.

All defendants had earlier pleaded guilty to the charges, except for Aftab Hussain, who was convicted after trial. He was described by Judge Twomlow as playing "without a doubt a leading role" in the conspiracy, and the court was told he had previous convictions, including for the supply of heroin and cocaine, and had been on licence at the time of the Goshi line conspiracy.

Parvis Ishaq was also on licence for a previous drugs supply conviction during the time of the conspiracy, and Judge Twomlow said the 30-year-old had been "acting as an operational manager" for the Goshi operation.

Judge Twomlow accepted the defendants "played different roles" in the conspiracy, and described Murtaza and Rizwaan Hussain as "faithful lieutenants" to ringleader Aftab Hussain.

Murtaza Hussain had two previous convictions and was on licence at the time of the conspiracy for a non-drug related offence. Judge Twomlow said Rizwaan Hussain had no previous convictions and was involved in the conspiracy for a shorter period of four months.

"Trusted lieutenant" Avtar Hussain was found with rocks of crack cocaine and heroin hidden in his clothes when police officers arrested the conspirators in July 2019.

Mohammed Ali was described as a "runner" for the Goshi operation. The court was told Ali was convicted in July 2019, and is currently serving a three-year prison sentence, for supplying heroin to undercover officers. He must begin serving the sentence handed down today when his current prison sentence ends.

Following the hearing today, Gwent Police constable Andrew Owens said: “Operation Washington was a protracted investigation into an organised crime group responsible for supplying wholesale quantities of heroin and crack cocaine across the South Wales region.

"The group operated a lucrative drugs line causing misery to some of the most vulnerable members of community.  They have shown no remorse and a distinct lack of regard for the law throughout.

“The results today are a serious warning to others supplying illegal drugs that you will be caught, and you will be brought to justice.

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the public for providing intelligence and encourage anyone with information relating to illegal drug activity to contact us, or Crimestoppers anonymously.”

Sentencing was adjourned for a seventh defendant, Lewis Farrell, until September 18.