A LOCAL lockdown has been put in place in the Caerphilly County Borough due to the number of cases continuously rising.

It is the first local lockdown to be put in place in Wales and comes after 133 cases in the borough were announced in just the past seven days.

The lockdown rules come into place on Tuesday, September 8 from 6pm and here is everything you need to know about what people can and cannot do in the Caerphilly borough while the lockdown is in place.

What you cannot do:

• People in the Caerphilly borough are not allowed to leave the borough unless there is a good reason or reasonable excuse for them to do so. There is speculation on what would count as a good reason.

• Enter a shop without a face covering if you are aged over 11 unless you are part of the exempt category.

• Meet with people indoors – whether that is inside a pub, restaurant or other venue or even inside your home. This includes people from the extended households or bubbles that were allowed during later parts of the Wales-wide lockdown.

• There are to be no overnight stays in the Caerphilly county borough.

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What you can do:

• Go to work – while the government advise that if possible, you should work from home, if this is not an option, you are able to leave the borough to go to work – but only if it is completely impossible to work from home.

• Meet people outdoors – while the restrictions on meeting others indoors have been brought back, you are able to meet family and friends outdoors – providing that you continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

• Go shopping – as long as it is in the Caerphilly county borough and you are wearing a mask if over the age of 11 (unless exempt), you can still go to the shops.

At the moment, it is unclear on whether you will still be able to visit pubs, restaurants and other venues after the 6pm lockdown is introduced – it will most likely depend on the procedures in place by the individual venues and their ability to cater for outdoors only.