NEWPORT council has insisted flooding risks are understood by residents in the city, amid calls for a new plan setting out how future incidents will be dealt with to be made public.

The city council agreed on Wednesday to adopt the new plan which outlines known flood risk areas and says that more than half of the city is identified as being at risk of flooding.

But the details will not be made public as the council says the plan is classified as “official sensitive” under the UK Government’s security policy.


Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians have called for the plan to be outlined.

“My biggest concern is why the report has not been made public,” said Cllr Matthew Evans, the council’s Conservative group leader.

“I think the public have a right to know if their area is going to be affected by flooding and what the council is going to do about it.

“The plan goes into a significant amount of detail and guidance for homeowners and who is responsible for what.

“I can’t see why these things would remain confidential, it doesn’t make sense.”

John Miller, Liberal Democrat candidate for Newport West in the Senedd election, has called for the council to be “open and transparent about the risks to the city”.

“This is not good enough,” Mr Miller said.

“Flooding, especially if it affects so many people, is a huge risk to prosperity and health.

“It is so important that Newport council treat residents with respect, and be honest with us about the risks.”

A council report says “flooding is considered to be the greatest risk of an emergency occurring” in Newport.

Maindee, Crindau, Duffryn and Lliswerry are noted as being “at high risk from all sources of flooding” – but the main flood risk is said to be from tidal sources.

A council spokeswoman said the flood plan is about “ensuring the council has the appropriate internal arrangements in place to raise awareness of, and respond to, flooding in the city”.

“There is a requirement that aspects of the plan are treated as confidential and are only accessed by those whose duties require it,” she said.

“It is classified as “official sensitive” under the UK government’s security policy.

“However, the maps and information included in the plan which outline the current and long-term risk of flooding from various sources to Newport residents and businesses are already available to the public on the Natural Resources Wales website.

“Information is also publicly available on how residents and businesses can receive appropriate warnings of flooding incidents, how these would be communicated and actions to be taken before, during and after flooding occurs.

“The council works closely with its partners to promote awareness of flooding and, where specific arrangements are required, consults with residents to ensure that the risks are understood.”